Santander & Kurupt FM Partnership

Young people and fraud and scams

Anyone can be targeted by fraudsters and scammers. In 2018, CIFAS - the not for profit fraud prevention membership organisation - published new figures highlighting a worrying increase in the number of young people becoming victims of fraud and scams.

  • 79% increase in plastic card fraud in 2018. 34% affecting under 21’s
  • 24% increase in under 21’s falling victim to ID theft
  • 26% increase in under 21’s acting as money mules

Source: CIFAS October 2018

What happens if you’re a victim of a fraud or scam?

Being the victim of a fraud or a scam can mean you lose money. However, it can also have lots of other consequences, like affecting your confidence and trust in other people. If you're judged to be involved in the scam (such as with money mules) there can also be impacts on your ability to have a bank account, get a credit or even a mortgage. There's also the chance you'll go to prison - for up to 14 years.

Why has Santander partnered with Kurupt FM?

We’re committed to helping to keep all of our customers safe, with initiatives like our Phish & Chips campaign, the Scam Avoidance School and For Your Eyes Alone activity.

With the increase in the number of fraud and scams affecting young people, we wanted to take specific action to help young people better understand how fraudsters and scammers target them and help them to spot the signs before it’s too late.

When we got in touch with Kurupt FM, writers and stars of the BAFTA winning tv programme ‘People Just Do Nothing’, they immediately recognised that fraud and scams are a really important topic for their fans.

What is Deadliest Dupes?

Working together with Kurupt FM, we’ve created MC Grindah’s Deadliest Dupes - a three episode mini-series that combines Kurupt FM’s much loved style and humour with important messages about fraud and scams.

In each episode, Kurupt FM star MC Grindah assumes the role of investigative journalist to bravely meet the villains behind common fraud and scams that target young people.

  • Episode 1: The Online Scammer
  • Episode 2: The Money Mule
  • Episode 3: The Identity Thief

The message for viewers is serious: Don’t Get Kurupted by fraudsters and scammers.

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